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A Woman Owned Certified Small Business

Premier Scaffold, Inc., a woman owned, certified small business, was founded in Bakersfield, California in an effort to support residential plastering contractors in the Southern San Joaquin Valley. Since its humble beginning, Premier Scaffold has recruited top talent and has substantially expanded its services to a wide variety of industries, including commercial construction, industrial, defense and maritime.

Our Vision and Mission

With material yards located in Bakersfield and San Diego, California, and Tacoma, Washington, Premier Scaffold is positioned to cost efficiently move material to where it is needed throughout the West Coast.

From erection of scaffold around a 300 foot tall water tower, to the erection of system scaffold fully enclosing a mast of a U.S. Navy destroyer, to the erection of a ten working level high frame scaffold on a commercial building, Premier Scaffold has the diversity of experience to meet the most challenging of projects.

One Team, Many Talents

Premier Scaffold’s technicians are well accustomed to safely working in difficult conditions, including confined spaces and alongside operating machinery. In addition, Premier Scaffold has specialized materials well suited for the harshest of conditions and difficult geometries that are encountered in ships, factories, energy production and storage facilities, and towers.

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A black and white drawing of the letter a by Premier Scaffold, Inc.
Two pictures of a building under construction with Premier Scaffold.
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