Corporate Safety Goals and Objectives

We recognize the safety-sensitive nature of our business and we accept that maintaining an Accident/Incident-Free workplace requires a dedicated and continuous effort from every employee in the Company.

Our Corporate Goal is Zero Accidents and Injuries and we are committed to maintaining this goal.

Our objectives are:

  • To further develop our safety culture by continuous education and training to provide a skilled, competent work force.
  • To ensure that our processes and procedures not only meet but exceed State and Federal Regulations.
  • To maintain the highest standards in the industry.
  • Embrace a safety culture of employee involvement in all aspects of branch safety.

We incorporate stringent safety procedure and ensure that our employees are educated on the safety rules and regulations provided by State and/or Federal regulatory agencies. In addition, Global Safety acts as our independent safety consultant and complements the training received by Premier’s field employees. Premier provides its employees with the necessary tools and resources needed to successfully accomplish their work in a safe and efficient manner.

Premier Scaffold, Inc. strives on a continuous basis to provide a safe and hazard-free working environment as a fundamental part of the company’s everyday operations. Accident and injury prevention is of primary importance at ALL levels in the company. Premier Scaffold, Inc. provides and maintains a Health & Safety program that meets and exceeds OSHA standards and maintains a “Best in Class” safety culture.

At Premier Scaffold, we believe in preventive maintenance not only with our equipment but also to our most valuable asset “our employees”. We invest hundreds of thousands in maintaining our equipment, so why shouldn’t we do the same for our most valuable asset? Our employees see our company chiropractor regularly and are given exercises to maintain a healthy core. No other competitor in our industry makes this investment to their most valuable asset. We are proud to raise the bar to this new standard.

Our trained Safety Managers inspect our jobs, certify scaffold on completion, ensure all employees are competent for the task they are assigned.